Make your own bird feeder

Attracting birds and friendly insects can help deter pests, control weeds, pollinate flowers and help with wildlife conservation. These easy-to-make creations will attract more wildlife to your garden, and you can make them out of things you find around the house! 

bird feeder2.png

You will need:

  • A plastic bottle 

  • Wooden spoon or wooden rod 

  • String 

  • Bird seed 

4 easy steps 

  1. Towards the bottom of the bottle make two holes opposite one another. 

  2. Stick the wooden rod through both holes. You can cut down the handles of the rod, but make sure to leave enough space for the birds to rest on. 

  3. Cut a feeding hole above the wooden rod. This is ideally 7mm in width, but it can depend on the size of seeds. 

  4. Towards the neck of the bottle make two more holes opposite one another and thread a string through it. This will be used to hang up the feeder.

Top tip

To allow more birds to feed on the bottle at the same time, create two more opposite holes towards the middle of the bottle, at 90 degrees of the first holes. Stick another wooden rod through them and cut two more feeding holes above them.